JPS Chartered Surveyors – Auction collections from WORTH House


In compliance with Government advice in relation to COVID-19, we have adapted our collection procedure to ensure the safe conduct for our staff and customers.

The collection period is stated on every auction and will be repeated on emails with buyer’s invoices after the sale ends.  You must collect or agree with us any alternative arrangement before the stated collection deadline ends; if you do not, you will be charged storage costs.

When attending at our site:

  • Anyone advised to self-isolate, please do not attend any of our sites.
  • Anyone with even a mild cough or low-grade fever (37.3 C or more) please do not attend any of our sites.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot permit entry to our site, even toilets, please forgive us, we need to ensure the integrity of our site to keep our staff and customers safe.
  • If we notice any visitors with a persistent cough, we must insist on you leaving the site and car park.
  • Please do not be offended if we do not shake hands or be as friendly or talkative as we would wish to be, it is for all our protection. The advice is to limit proximity to others by at least 2 meters.
  • CASH WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED, please make payment before you arrive using the links to online payment or directly into our client account.

The suitable collection types will be listed on every lot, based on weight, volume, suitability and a bit of common sense.

The collection types are:

1. Collection in person from WORTH House


The time period for collection is clearly stated on each auction in the further information link.  If you are not able to comply with the timescales, then please do not bid.

Collections will commence from the morning following an auction, to allow us time to prepare and minimise the time customers must wait to Click and Collect

a) Visit to book a click and collect slot, call us on 0161 767 8001 or reply to the Winning Bidder email with any queries.    Bookings will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

b) When you attend at our warehouse please call us on 0161 767 8001, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE.

c) We will take a note of your phone number then you will be added to a queue, if necessary, priority will be to those who are on time for their appointments. If you are early or late, we will try and get to you as soon as possible.

d) If you do not have an appointment, you will not be able to collect your lots.

e) We will bring lots to the loading bay or to your vehicle whilst you wait in your vehicle.

f) Once all lots are together, we will call you to let you know the lots are ready.

g) Please check your lots before you leave, once you have left the car park, we are unable to then discuss or agree any queries that could result in a refund.

2. Palletised

If you need, we will palletise your Lots (where possible).  We will shrink wrap, band or both as needed.  We charge £10 plus VAT per pallet and a standard rate of £2.50 per lot, unless specifically stated otherwise on each lot listing.

You need to arrange for your own transport company to collection from us and deliver to you.  You are welcome to use a transport company of your choice.

3. Delivery/Packaging

Where offered on a lot, we can ship for £11.95 including VAT to UK mainland.  There is an additional £2.50 plus VAT per lot charge for packaging.

Reply to the email you received after the sale containing your invoice asking for shipping costs to be added to your invoice.  You will then receive a revised invoice with a link to pay using Sage Pay.

We aim to ship within 2 working days of receipt of payment.

We encourage all purchasers to arrange their own courier to collect their goods whilst we still offer a packaging service for a nominal charge. More information and instructions can be found in the ‘Collection by your courier’ section.

4. Collection by your courier

If you arrange your own courier, you must email us replying to the email you receive with your invoice, to authorise us to release the Lot to your appointed collector.  If you need us to print a consignment note and place it on the box, we will do so.  You can also email us on

We charge a nominal fee of £2.50 per lot for packaging, unless specifically stated otherwise on each lot listing.  If a lot is already boxed and just needs the consignment note printing, then we will charge.

5. Collection Only

Some lots are available for collection only.  This may be because they require disconnection, are too big or heavy for palletised transport, too fragile or just not appropriate.

We will clearly state on a lot if it is for COLLECTION ONLY.  Whilst we will assist if we can, you must ensure you are able to act with regard to Health & Safety considerations.

6 Specialist Collections

There are some Lots which require specialised transport, e.g. low loaders, flatbeds with hi-ab crane, boats, temperature controlled, etc.

They will be marked as COLLECTION ONLY lots.  You will be required to comply with any H&S requirements.


We have forklift trucks and other material handling equipment to assist you with your collection.  JPS staff are there to supervise your collection, appreciation for any additional help should be rewarded with at least a thank you.


Thank you for your cooperation.