JPS Chartered Surveyors strive to always be a responsible business able to maintain its relevance and create a positive impact in a world faced with social and environmental challenges.

We have embarked on our vision to become a transformative organisation, promoting and supporting an equitable, responsible and just society, In essence, we want to do the right thing for society and community.

We are aware of and actively progressing our impact on people, planet and profit. All forward operational plans will ensure these considerations are at the forefront of our decision making and look forward to further development rolling out supporting our ESR aspirations.

We are formally commencing our ESR through the establishment of the JPS Daryl Whitby Memorial Garden where we are planting enough trees monthly to counter balance our carbon footprint and reach our net zero target.

We look forward with pride and optimism as we continue to review our services, facilities and supplier to further continue our social responsibilities.