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Friday 22 October 2021

We have been instructed to offer for sale the physical assets and intellectual property rights of an education business specialising in the provision of scientific materials and supplementary digital presentation to primary schools.


The company sends kits of science lessons to subscriber schools on a termly basis.  The kits comprise consumables items (like filter paper) and tangible goods (such as pumping heart models) which are returned, processed and re-entered into the stock.  The physical kits are supplemented by the extensive intellectual property providing the complete package of support and materials for teachers.



  • Stock items include items such as: beakers, sound meters, light meters, stopwatches, magnetic materials, rock sets, books, batteries, clays, safety glasses, etc..  The company warehouse currently holds £275,000 in non-consumable goods and £50,000 in consumables along with a further £70,000 currently at schools and £3,000 in trays.  A full stock list can be provided once an expression of interested is progressed, including receipt of an NDA.


Intellectual Property Rights

  • The intellectual property rights include an online platform featuring 132 interactive video lessons for use in school or at home that uses components found at home or in local shops.
  • The company also maintains an extensive library of in-depth curriculum materials that accompany the science equipment sent to schools and these materials broadly include comprehensive teacher support materials that include teacher tutorial videos, lesson plans, whole class teaching presentations, editable worksheets, and assessment resources


Warehouse Assets

  • In addition to the IPR and stock offering, there is a considerable amount of warehouse racking, plastic boxes, carboard boxes, ancillary warehouse equipment, office furniture and equipment.



  • The company customers comprise approx. 130 schools with annually renewing customer contracts in the region of £450,000.


Offer can be made for:


  1. IPR assets
  2. Stock and physical assets
  3. All assets


Interested parties will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, once signed and returned, a further information pack will be provided to assist in the formulation of an offer, along with a query response period.

Expressions of interest and/or queries to be made no later than 4:00pm on Friday 22 October 2021. To be addressed to

Further information will be provided upon receipt of a NDA.