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Station Works | Hooton Road | Hooton
Ellesmere Port | CH66 7NF | UK
10.00 - 15.00 Wednesdays 10 May 2017
Wednesday 17 – Friday 19 May 2017
9.00am to 5.00pm



  • Bystronic Bylaser 5200 Arc Laser Cutter w/ Bystronic Byspeed 3015, YOM: 2006
  • XYZ 1060 HS Vertical Machining Centre YOM: 2015
  • XYZ SLX 355 CNC Lathe, YOM: 2012
  • XYZ CT52 LTY CNC Lathe, YOM: 2012
  • XYZ SMX 5000 CNC Bed Mill, YOM: 2012
  • XYZ 250 TC CNC Lathe, YOM: 2009
  • XYZ 710 VMC Vertical Milling Centre, YOM: 2009
  • Butler Elgamill Travelling Column Milling Machine with Universal Head & 5m T Slotted Bed
  • Bystronic Edwards Pearson PR 150 X 300 Press Brake, YOM: 2006
  • Segmented Tooling for Press Brake, Approximately £30,000 at Cost Price
  • Grinding Master 2000 Deburrer
  • Rosler R300 A/SM Deburrer
  • 2 x Chester Turrent Milling Machines
  • Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • Donaldson Torit DCE Fume Extraction System
  • Mituatoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector
  • Harrison M250 Lathe
  • Startrite Horizontal & Vertical Bandsaws
  • 5000kg Lifting Gantry System
  • Jones & Shipman 1300 Grinder
  • Sprint SWL 1200 Swing Arm Jib
  • 5000kg Lifting Gantry System
  • Various Murex & R-Tech Welders
  • Atlas Copco GA15 Air Compressor
  • Hydrovane HV07 Air Compressor
  • Ernst H Furier Air Cooler
  • Other Lots Incl; Presses|Belt Sanders|Chop Saw|Grinders| Honing Machine|Surface Tables| Pallet Trucks|Spray Booth| Various Hand Tools| Trolleys etc
102015 | XYZ 1060 HS VMC Vertical machining centre with Renishaw probing, with Siemens 840D High Speed
11Butler Elgamill travelling column universal milling machine with universal head and 5 x 1.2 m T slot
122006 | Bystronic Bylaser 5200 ARC laser cutter with Byspeed 3015
132006 | Bystronic Edwards Pearson PR 150 X 300 press brake
14Extensive range of Bystronic Segmented bending tooling for press brake, as listed
172009 | XYZ 250TC CNC Turning Centre
182012 | XYZ CT52 LTY CNC Turning Centre
192009 | XYZ 710 VMC vertical milling centre
202012 | XYZ SLX355 CNC Lathe
212012 | XYZ SMX5000 bed milling machine
22Chester Horizontal / Vertical / Universal turret milling machine
23Chester 1050VS Horizontal / Vertical / Universal turret milling machine
242002 | Startrite H330MV horizontal bandsaw
25Startrite 30RWF vertical bandsaw
26Bandfacer belt sander
272002 | MIVA 250 Schio-vi slide Mitre saw
28RJH double ended pedestal grinder 2000RPM
29Ajax Crusader double ended pedestal grinder 3000RPM
30Jung Berlin internal and surface grinder Type: 5
31Jones & Shipman 1300 cylindrical grinder
32Elliott surface grinder
33Delapena 301 honing machine
34Churchill universal grinder
35Clarkson Mark II tool and cutter grinder
36Sprint SWL 1200 swing arm jib with Donati DMK30E50 electric chain hoist
37Gast 1423-1010-6625 suction panel lifter
38Atlas Copco GA15 packaged air compressor
39Hydrovane compare HV07 receiver mounted air compressor
40Thorite pressurised air receiving tank
412007 | ABAC MonteCarlo D4 ABAC Blu Line portable receiver mounted air compressor
42Hi-line CDA50 air dryer
43Grinding Master 2000 deburrer
44Sweeney and Blocksidge fly press
45Donaldson Torit DCE DFPOR-6-SPRU-R fume extraction system
462007 | OKS pressurised tank – 16 bar 250L capacity
47Ernst H Furier WKL 43054.1 air cooler
49Lifting Gear Direct SWL 5000kg lifting gantry with viper 5000kg chainblock
50Defuma fume and dust extractor
51R Tech TIG160PDC tig welder
52Murex Transmig 300c mig welder
53Murex Transtig AC/DC 353i tig welder
54Murex Transmig 300c mig welder
55Murex Transmig 300c mig welder
56Jadever SCA-15k counting electronic scale 15kg x 0.1kg
571969 | Crown 91 x 60.7 cm surface table
58Plymovent MK1202 fume extractor
59Rosler R300 A/SM deburrer
60RM 3406N resistance welder
60AT Slotted workbench on stand 244 x 121.5 cm
61Oscomatic shot blast recirculator
62Bridgeport J-B 7536 milling machine
63Guyson Super4 BlastCleaner shot blast cabinet
64Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 profile projector
65Foundrak RAS hardness tester
66Bosch cut off saw
672007 | ICM Prima spot welder
68Taylor CD M8 Stud welding Arc welder
69Techna 3408 spot welder
707 x Pressurised spray bottles, powder coating equipment
71TES Wet back spray booth
72Various paints, etc. in 2 cupboards and 1 rack
73XYZ Fast tap 400 Fast tapping machine
73A6 x Various Sealey spray guns
73B4 x Sealey HVLP741 spray guns with wall mounted rack
74FLT hooked jib attachment SWL 1 Ton
751 Ton Folding hydraulic engine hoist with wall bracket
761.5 Ton Hydraulic trolley jack 127mm – 305 mm
77Sealey Yankee ST8 8 Ton bottle jack
782 x Tote bin racks
792 x 5 tier racks 185 x 55 x 136.5 cm
802 x SIP 013 single rollers
817 tier, 4 upright wall mounted bar rack
829 tier 2 sided freestanding bar rack
82A9 tier 2 sided freestanding bar rack
83Rack containing 56 tote bins containing various drill taps
932 wheel sack truck
94Seiko Precision QR-350 clock card time recorder and card rack
9519 section fabricated job worksheet holder
962 Bays adjustable boltless racking (14 x Pairs cross beams, 3 x end frames)
97Eurolifter 2500kg hand hydraulic pallet truck
98Hanserlift hand hydraulic pallet truck
99TUV 2500kg hand hydraulic pallet truck
100Rotabroach Panther magnetic drill in case
101Tufcoat heat gun
102Contents of room excluding lots 103 & tote bins for lot 78
103Approx. 6 x 60 Filbins FB-1 tote bins
105Under counter refrigerator, Microwave oven, kettle, toaster, Husky glass fronted fridge
106Hotpoint Diamond 8329 fridge freezer
107Sharp microwave oven, Russel Hobbs microwave oven, 2 slot toaster, 2 x kettles
109Contents of staff room comprising: table, 6 x chairs, sofa, fridge freezer, Hinari 4 slot toaster
110Water boiling urn
111Russel Hobbs microwave oven
1122 gas bottle trolley with oxyacetylene torch
113Omega 25T shop press
114Jones & Shipman Arbor press
115Imlic Press on bench
116Earlex WD1000 combivac vacuum cleaner
11718 x Personnel lockers (no keys)
1185 tier bar rack
119Whitney FLT tipping waste skip
120Ornamental micrometer sculpture
12105 Ford Mondeo LX 5 door hatchback manual petrol car
1506 X Linear external micrometers in box
151Stainless hardened Vernier calliper gauge. 100cm ./40″
152Moore & Wright external micrometer 12″ – 18″
153Test equipment incl: Fowler external micrometer, Vermont Gauge
1542 x Incomplete slip gauge sets
155Mitutoyo 300-400 0.01 external micrometer
156Mitutoyo 12-16″ ,001″ external micrometer
157Moore & Wright external micrometer 6 – 12″
158Mitutoyo 6 – 12″ ,001″
159Various test equipment
160Metal frame wood topped work bench 245 x 122 x 100 cm
161Metal workbench with Record No. 6 vice, 190 x 103 cm
1625 x Welding screens
163Various test equipment
164Flat bed inspection table 45 x 30 cm
165Hilger Watts precision 12″ block level
1662 x 4 jaw, 1 x 3 jaw chucks
167Magnetic chuck, 455 x 150mm
168Bench centre
16917 x Carver and other ratchet clamps
170Qty various clamps, hammers, threader set, etc. as photos
1712 x Irwin quick grips | 4 x Quick Change quick grips
1726 ” machine vice
1736 ” machine vice
1746¼” machine vice
175Various cutting tools, blades, monoblocs, etc. in 1 crate
176Various machine tooling, clamp blocks, etc. in 1 crate
177Various machine tooling, clamp blocks, etc. in 2 crates
17814 x Various arbors
17932 x Various arbors
180Various cutting tools, arbors, collets, etc. in 3 crates
182Various consumables incl: nuts, bolts, washers, springs, etc. on steel trolley
1832 x Steel work benches 180 x 125 cm
184Contents of cupboard as peer photos
185Makita HP2050 percussion drill
1866″ machine vice
187Laser Tool Set (no laser)
1883 x Makita GA4530R 115mm angle grinders
189Makita GD0811C die grinder with heads
189AMakita 9903 belt sander
1902 x Sealey Yankee 8 Ton bottle jacks, Sealey 2 Ton bottle jack
191Ferm Concept 1500 arc welder
192Crown granite surface table on steel frame, 91 x 61 cm
1938 x Manual bolt puller kits (incomplete)
194Sealey SMS2004 Multi-purpose sharpener – Bench mounting 65w
195Optical Measuring dividing head
196Quantity machine tooling including collets, clamps, machine vices, test equipment on 2 bays of light
199265mm machine vice
200Inspection surface table, 3′ x 2′
20112 drawer tool cabinet containing reamers, drills, etc.

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