COLLECTIVE SALE | JLG Scissor Truck | Joinery & Engineering Tools & Equip | Pool & Spa Maintenance Products | Safety Equipment

Ends from 12:00 Tuesday 16 April 2019
WORTH HOUSE, 32 Stanley Road,
Whitefield, Manchester M45 8QX
10.00 - 16.00 Monday 15 April 2019

COLLECTIVE SALE | JLG Scissor Truck | Joinery & Engineering Tools & Equip | Pool & Spa Maintenance Products | Safety Equipment

Lots Include:

  • JLG driveable stock picker
  • Vertical spindle moulder
  • Pillar drill/Drill press
  • Mobile mixing machine
  • Mitre saw
  • Lifting winches
  • Pressure gauges
  • Spa care filters/water testers/maintenance kits
  • Hand tools
Lot No.Item & Description
1JLG Driveable Stock Picker Vertical Mast Lift
Model: 10MSP
Hours: 133.3
2SCM Vertical Spindle Moulder
Model: Mini Max T40N
Serial No: KK/06396
YOM: 2002
4Set of roller crowbars RC15
5Sealey 16 speed pillar drill
Model: GDM120BX
6Titan Drill Press
Model: TTB541DBT
7Mobile mixing machine
8Pair of Sash Clamps – 1800mm – Missing Head
9Quantity of chimneys and flues for boats – Please see pictures
104 x Various fuel jerrycan’s – 2 x 18ltr / 2 x 22ltr
11Makita mitre saw
Model: MLS100
240V 255mm
Assumed YOM: 2011
12Karcher submersible dirty water pump
Model: SDP 14000
240V – No plug
132 x Heavy duty ratchet straps & lifiting sling
14Lot includes:
BH Sala winch
Model: 60

Abtech man riding winch

15Quantity of breathing apparatus incl: vests and cylinder backpacks
16Quantity of buoyancy aids incl: vests & horseshoe buoy
17Lot Includes:
2 x Drager CF10 emergency escape breathing apparatus
2 x MSC Air splints
Oregon spine splint II
18Rule 800 GPH Shower drain box – multi-port inlet pump
1911 x Various Wika pressure gauges – as pictured
20Part roll of Kaya Ropes lupp twist rope – 12mm Dia – Full length 200m
2112 x Various Aqua Spa replacement filters – Approx RRPo264
Lot includes:
8 x Alpha beta filters
2 x Alpha filters
2 x Alpha plus filters
2210 x Various Spa Care replacement filters – Appros RRPo200
Lot Includes:
2 x 20092 – Filter with microban
5 x 20363 – Replacement filter
3 x 20342 – Replacement filter
23Lot includes;
5 x Spa PH reducer
2 x Alkalinity increaser
1 x Mini chlorine tablets
2 x Algae controller
1 x PH Minus
4 x Spa instant filter cleaner
5 x Spa bromine infused granuales
24Lot includes:
3 x Aquasparkle chlorine spa kit
1 x Aquasparkle bromine spa kit
4 x Tubs of test strips
2 x Liquid pearl lotion
25Lot includes:
7 x Spa Frog conditioning cartridges
13 x Spa Frog Bromine cartridges
Various test strips
4 x Tubs of bathing crystals
26Lot Includes
Instant filter cleaner
Hot tub flush
Ph reducer
Mini chlorine tablets
Hardness increaser
27Lot Includes:
Liquid clarifier
Instant filter cleaner
Cartridge cleaner
28Lot includes:
Ph increaser
TA Plus
Bromine tablets
Bromine infused granules
Stabilised chlorine granules
Hardness increaser
PH Plus
PH Reducer
Chlorine tablets
29Clarke double ended bench grinder
Model: CBG 6RWC
302 x Various drills as pictured
31Honeywell electric floor standing fan
32Belle 1600E paddle mixer extension cable
33Various Sealants – Please see pictures
Please note some are out of date
34Sealey industrial fan heater
Model: EH5001
Capacity: 5KW
362 x Various sledge hammers
37Numatic HVR 200M-22 Henry hoover – no attachments
38Numatic HVR 200M-12 Henry hoover – no attachments
39Montana Roofing coil nails – smooth galvanised
40Somar PowerBoss w/ carry case
41Challenge Xtreme circular saw
Model: MCS5719
42SIP Double ended bench grinder – spares & repairs
43Dexion Mark 5 angle cutter
4424 x Barton stackable tote bins – sizes: 3 & 4
45ABB Housemaster compact consumer unit
Model: HSMS20C
46Elta SQS 125-L fan
472 x Digital platfrom scales – please see further description
Lot includes:
Abcon proship platform scales
Rubbermaid 4010-88 scales
48HSM Cardboard shredder
Model: Profi-Pack 400
Serial No: 420104516
49Sealey hydraulic pipe bender 14T – Incomplete
50Full roll of 7mm PE Ski rope
51Various power tools and hand tools incl: coil nailers
52Mixed lot of various hand and power tools and equipment – as pictured
535 x Various Record RPR 400 adjustable roller stands
543 x Various roller stands – as pictured
554 x Folding Sawhorse trestles
5622 x Ikea Sortera bins w/ lids – Various sizes
57Various storage boxes and tubs – as pictured
583 x Various kick steps – as pictured
595 x Office chairs
6015 x Various Sikagard exterior masonry paints – 15L per tin
Various colours
Past Expiry date
615 x Various Sack Trolleys
623 x Various trolleys – As pictured
635 x Dolly trolleys – As pictured
64Double door display cabinet w/ lockable doors and drawers
652 x Single door display cabinets
662 x Single door display cabinets

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