We can have some more flexibility if Lots are located at our Auction Centre, particularly if you contact us as soon as you are ware there is an issue.



Where a sale is not from our auction centre, if you are unable to collect in the stated deadlines then DO NOT BID.

The sale is being held on a third party site and we have specific collection periods to ensure we can access the site and to manage our staff attendances.

Failure to collect during the stated times could result in your goods being abandoned; we will also post a public block on the auction platform which will be viewable by other auctioneers.



We have fixed clearance periods for sales conducted from our Auction Centre.  These fixed periods allow us to manage the space and ensure we can continue to keep posting new sales.

If you are unable to collect from our Auction Centre in the stated times, then please email auctions@JPSsurveyors.co.uk or call us on 0161 767 8001.  Depending on the lot you have purchased or are interested in, we can agree a short time extension (if agreed before).

If your lots are not collected in the stated time, you will be charged storage at a rate of 5% of the hammer price plus VAT per day.   Such lots will not be made available for collection if there are outstanding storage charges.  After 20 days, we will take a lien against the lot for the storage charges and we will then resell it.