JPS Chartered Surveyors is the company run by brothers Michael Gabel and Mark Isaacs.

They are the fourth generation of the well known and respected Isaacs auctioneering dynasty. Following in the footsteps of Mother Bobbie Isaacs; Father Issy Gabel; Grandfather Joe and Great-grandfather Mick.

Brief Family History

Mick (1890-1971)











Mick Isaacs first carried out traditional auction sales in South Africa in the early 1940s. Mick returned to England and opened the first auction rooms on Mosley Street, Manchester City Centre where crowds would frequently gather to see this famous ‘rostrum artist’ in action, many of whom had no intention of purchasing, but went to be entertained.

Joe (1919 – 1990)

Mick Isaacs










As a qualified City & Gilds welder during the Second World War making armaments in the Manchester factories, Joe then joined the family business and with his father established M. Isaacs & Sons (Auctioneers) Ltd.  During this time, they captivated many an audience during the thousands of auctions they conducted, including many for charity. They were the auctioneers of General Patten’s Headquarters at the end of the Second World War. The company moved the sale rooms and offices to 10 Booth Street, (off Chapel St), Salford in the 1960s.

Bobbie joined the business and worked closely with her father Joe. During this time, they held on site traditional auction sales, covering the entire UK and almost all industries. During the Boom of the 80s, they were so busy they were holding auctions on one side of the country on a Tuesday, weekly auctions at 10 Booth Street, and then another auction the other side of the country on the Thursday.

In 1988, the family sold the company to a holding company.  A year later when they had fulfilled their contractual obligations, they left, unable to stand by and watch the company deteriorate under the new management. So became J&C Auctions (Joe and Celia), which became Isaacs Auctioneers.

Bobbie (1944- )
Bobbie worked closely with Joe until his death in 1990. At this time, Mike and Mark were at University, studying to become Chartered Surveyors.

Their specialties ranged from Engineering to antiques including being Exclusive Auctioneers for Rolls Royce (1971 – 1991) and onsite traditional auctions for companies including Cadbury Schweppes Coca-Cola; David Brown; Farmer Norton; GEC; Jensen Motors; Africar; County Hall in Manchester; Notre Dame Convent; Tower Brand Pans; British Northrop; Platt Brothers and Jaguar Motor Cars. Auctions were held every six weeks in the ‘Upstairs Saleroom’ for Antiques and Objects of Fine Art. During this time, they held dozens of house sales including Cherry Blossom.

Issy Gabel (1945- )
Issy established Auction International with auction rooms ultimately located on the outskirts of Manchester City Centre in the heart of the warehouses and distributors.  Issy specialised in surplus stock and commercial catering equipment. Issy has now retired to Florida.

Mike (1972- )
After graduation, Mike began work for SHM Smith Hodgkinson in Chorley. Starting as an assistant valuer, Mike became the Insolvency Partner, based in Manchester where he built a reputation for his commitment and integrity, making his client’s life easier by managing surplus machinery and business assets, often from insolvent companies. In November 2003, after almost 9 years with Smith Hodgkinson, Mike handed in his notice and joined Mark to form JPS Chartered Surveyors.

Mark (1974 – )
Mark left university in 1996 and worked for Edward Symmons and Partners, working under the guidance of Jonathan Garside and Glyn Grundy.  After 5 years at ES&P, he worked as the Operations Manager for Auctions2Business Limited, an online auction company, during the ‘Dot-com bubble’. From there, he went on to manage the asset disposals of Amedeo Development Corporation Bhd Sdn in Liquidation (Brunei, June – August 2001). Then based in Bangkok as the Country Manager, he became the Regional Valuation and Auctions Manager for Asia. He returned back to Manchester in April 2003. On his return, Mark reflected over his experiences and began developing advanced case management tools for recording and reporting of information and knowledge.

The Two Brothers
With guidance and support from Bobbie, Mike and Mark became Professional Member of RICS and Mark was awarded Fellowship in 2020 and RICS Registered Valuers, have gained between them almost unrivalled experience providing total asset solutions, since they were in pushchairs, round the world, and back again. They have a proven ability to manage asset disposals of any scale with experince and resources.